Wool Shawl


Butapana, a Japanese knitwear company, shines with their love of pattern, texture, colour blending, innovation and quality.

A gorgeous 'one of a kind' knit shawl from BUTAPANA.

Sculpturally shaped on the selvedges, this shawl is roughly between 15" and 17" wide (38cm x 43) by 72" (92cm). The knit is a combination of stripes, solids, textures all in true BUTAPANA style. 

Fine merino wool, knit in a jacquard technique that produces a light yet warm shawl. The metallic thread adds sparkle and a layer of surprise. Wrap yourself in this elegant shawl or hang it up and admire.

Give as a lasting gift or treasure for yourself.

Hand wash

100% Merino Wool with accents in metallic thread

Size : approximate: width 15" / 17" (38 x43 cm) X length 72" (92cm)